Health and Fitness in Australia and China

In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable, healthcare and fitness is now at the forefront of most consumers’ minds causing a global change.

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The health, fitness and wellness industry is growing in Australia, with more choices than ever available. According to the Australian Fitness Academy, wearable technology such as fitness trackers and smart watches are the top trend of 2019, followed by group training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Australian celebrities are joining the digital fitness trend with Hollywood A-lister Chris Hemsworth launching his new health and fitness app Centr, aimed at personalising workout videos, meal plans and mindful exercises to each client.

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Online fitness platforms are the main source of supporting the new surge in active and healthy lifestyles in China. As the health and fitness scene spread throughout the world, Asia always lagged behind, and the trend never really caught on. However, there is a new driving force from health-conscious consumers who are demanding more gyms and fitness centres, sports clothing and online platforms. China is now in a five-year government fitness plan which is hoping to see $225 billion spent on sports and fitness by 2020.  

Australian fitness brands are soaring in China, from activewear brand Lorna Jane to the global fitness studio F45. Brands have taken advantage of the growing health and fitness market in China and it is paying off. The fitness industry is still seen as a luxury to the Chinese market and therefore are willing to pay a higher price for gym clothes, equipment and accessories but also for gym memberships and fitness classes.

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Health foods have been trending for a number of years now. Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle including eating foods that contribute to this. These health food trends have only just made their way into the China market however, now they are, they are making a big impact on people’s lifestyle choices. In China, gut-healthy foods, meat-free snacks and milks are all new health food trends. China’s middle class has seen a rise in vegetarianism and organic foods with a greater willingness to pay more for high quality, healthy foods.

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Cruelty free eating is huge in Australia; more plant-based goods and a vegan diet are fast growing trends. Superfoods such as nuts and berries have been known to do wonders by adding to your daily diet and now a new superfood, the Peruvian Cape gooseberry rich in vitamin A and C, has been added to the list. One of the biggest health food trends sweeping Australia is cauliflower. The vegetable can substitute almost anything: rice, potatoes, hummus and… pizza?

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As both markets continue to grow, there is opportunity to succeed in the Australian and Chinese health and fitness industry. With increasing advances in technology and online platforms, these are becoming important fitness trends for both countries and open up opportunities for brands to explore these areas.