Nature in Australian Cosmetics

Thinking of the beauty industry in Australia, organic comes to mind. The industry is predominantly natural skin care and beauty brands as there is access to a variety of raw ingredients, extracted from plants and nuts.

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Here are some of the hottest ingredients in Australian beauty products and see if you can spot them in your favourite brands.

  1. Rosehip oil from the Rosehip seed

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  • Jojoba oil from the Jojoba nut

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  • Green Tea Extract

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  • Caviar lime extract from the native Australian citrus fruit

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Not only do Australia’s cosmetic products contain natural and organic ingredients, they are also environmentally friendly as the industry phases out “almost all” microbeads from products, in the latest news reports. Microbeads are solid plastic particles found in products which often end up in water mains harming the environment, animals and even humans.

Microbeads in beauty products

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Although vegan cosmetics are hugely popular in Australia, only recently the country became the latest to introduce laws against animal testing for cosmetics. According to the Department of Health, “As technology has advanced, there has been an international move away from the use of animals for this purpose. Animal tests are expensive, time consuming to conduct and are questioned on both ethical and scientific grounds.” Good news for ethical cosmetic brands looking to export to China; agreements have been made with an animal rights group that will allow foreign beauty companies to sell products in China without having to test on animals first. This could be a huge opening for brands expanding China but remaining loyal to their ethics. China has the largest cosmetic market in the world, with approximately A$6 million in exports from Australia to China each year. The Chinese market appreciates Australian cosmetics for their value and trustworthiness.

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Australia’s beauty events provide the chance to expand professional horizons in the cosmetic industry and experience the latest products, treatments, innovations, education and equipment available to beauty experts.

Beauty Expo Australia, Sydney

Experience for all visitors interested in finding the latest products, hottest international and local talents, whilst learning the best tips and tricks of the beauty trade. The Beauty Expo Australia Education Programme is held alongside the expo, and features live workshops, demonstrations and tutorials run by leading industry experts. The expo also acts as a networking platform for Australian beauty professionals and provides opportunities for meet and greets between eager buyers and thousands of industry professionals in this fun and innovative community environment.

Key dates: 24-25 August, 2019