Chinese Superstar Brings Perfect Opportunity To Market Towards Chinese Australians

Lucy MacDonald Connolly & Xinying Lin

  • Jay Chou, one of China’s biggest stars is bringing his world tour to Australia this November
  • The concert will attract Chinese Australian fans in the masses making it the perfect opportunity to market directly to this unique demographic 

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Mando-pop legend Jay Chou in bringing his world tour to Australia in an event that will celebrate 20 years of his incredible music career. His eighth concert world tour, Jay Chou Carnival World Tour, will arrive in Sydney on 14 March 2020 at Giants Stadium. As one of China’s biggest stars, the event will attract thousands of eager Chinese Australians, presenting brands with a unique opportunity to market towards this demographic.


With more than 150 songs, 14 albums and seven sold-out world tours under his belt, it is no wonder he has been crowned as the King of Mando-pop. Winning over 450 music awards since 2001, Jay Chou has never struggled to remain relevant. His fan base has remained loyal throughout his long career, ranking number one at the box office in China in 2018 as well as becoming the first singer whose songs have been played more than 10 billion times on QQ music player in the same year. He has not only made countless contributions to China’s music industry but has also branched out into film, adding eight film awards to his impressive repertoire. His music style combines classical, hip – hop, and R & B attracting a huge fan-base who appreciate a range of music genres.

Such a loved superstar coming to Australia can allow brands to market specifically towards Chinese Australians, especially high spending millennials. The 2016 Census found Australia is home to more than 1.2 million people of Chinese ancestry, and ABC reports that 25% of Australia’s student population are Chinese. There is clearly a large community of Chinese people living in Australia yet brands rarely market directly towards them. Capturing the attention of the Chinese population in Australia can greatly expand brands base of prospective customers as well as create brand awareness in China, the second-largest economy in the world according to World Bank.

Sponsorship of Jay Chou’s Australian tour can allow businesses to directly target this demographic, creating a trust for their brand by Chinese communities in Australia. This is particularly useful when targeting Chinese international students who are unfamiliar with Australian brands.